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WC Vendors Pro Shipping System


Vendors must set their address for vendor shipping to work correctly. If vendors have not set their store or shipping address then you will get the “No shipping methods found” message.


WC Vendors Pro provides two complete shipping systems. This ensures that vendors receive the correctly calculated shipping in their commission. The two systems are as follows:

  • Flat Rate
  • Table Rate

The global options allow either of these to be set as the default shipping system for all vendors. You can override the default shipping system on a per vendor basis. Both shipping systems can be configured at three different levels within the system.

  • Product (Admin and Vendor)
  • Vendor Store (Admin and Vendor)
  • Globally (Admin Only)

This is also the order in which shipping charges are calculated.

  1. Product level first
  2. Vendor store level second
  3. Global last
Please Note

WC Vendors and WC Vendors Pro is not compatible with WooCommerce Shipping Zones. Although you may configure these and they will be available in the cart and checkout, the relevant shipping costs cannot be given to the vendors.

Global Options

The global options available in WooCommerce > Settings > Shipping > Vendor Shipping is where you configure the shipping defaults. This includes the shipping system, shipping charges and all related fees and text regarding the shipping system.


Please Note

Global options are the default options that the shipping system falls back to. If nothing is set here then only product and vendor store level shipping is checked.

Default shipping charges can be set for the Flat rate system and the table rate system. Depending on which shipping system you choose will depend on the available options shown.

Flat Rate

Flat rate has national and international options, this is true for all levels and have the following options

  • Shipping fee
  • QTY Override (charge the shipping fee only once no matter the product qty count)
  • Free shipping nationally or internationally
  • Disable this method (stop national or international shipping from being available)

Table Rate

Table rate shipping provides a much more fine grained control over the shipping costs that are charged. You can create as many entries as you like to provide close to shipping zone like functionality. Shipping rates can be set using the following details

  • Country
  • State
  • Post/Zip Code ( Single, Range and Wildcard )
  • Fee
  • QTY Override (charge the shipping fee only once no matter the product qty count)

The entries are checked in order they are listed in the table, so the first entry is checked first moving down the table. Only Country and fee are required for the fee to be triggered. All other settings are optional.

Post Codes

Post codes provide 3 different options allowing extremely fine grained control over your shipping charges.

  • Single – provides a single fee for a single post code
    • Example postcode: 4301 
    • This will match only the post code 4301.
  • Range – you can use a to set up a range of post codes
    • Example postcode range: 4000-4300
    • This will match every post code in the range of 4000 to 4300
  • Wildcard – you can use a * (asterisk) to provide a wild card match
    • Example wildcard postcode: 48*
    • This will match every post code from 4800-4999.


The general options are applied no matter which shipping system is selected this includes the following

  • Handling fee
  • Minimum and Maximum shipping charges per vendor
  • Free shipping per vendor
  • Free shipping per product
  • Default shipping and returns policy text
  • Availability of the shipping method (based on ship to countries in WooCommerce Settings)


Product Shipping

Product level shipping is the first level of shipping checked by the shipping calculations. If any fees are set here then these values are used first. Depending on the shipping system set for the vendor, it will be either Flat rate or Table rate. The shipping options for the product are found on the shipping tab on the product edit form. This is only available for shippable products and if the shipping system is enabled.

The following flat rate shipping options for a product are available, these override the vendor store or global defaults.

Flat Rate Shipping Options

The following table rate shipping options are available at the product level. These override the vendor store and global defaults.

Table Rate Shipping Options

Vendor Store Shipping

The vendor store shipping is the default shipping options at a vendor level. All settings here will be applied to any product that does not have an override set above. Depending on the shipping system set for the vendor they will have either the flat rate or table rate options here. The vendor store shipping options can be found in

Vendor Dashboard > Settings > Shipping

The vendor shipping options includes not only the options to set default rates but also the default options on a per order basis per vendor. There are vendor specific default options including

  • Per order charges
  • Per product charges
  • Minimum and maximum charges
  • Handling fees
  • Shipping and return policy
  • Shipping from (Store address / Other )

General Fees

The following general fees are available to be set on a per vendor store level. These will be applied to any order with this vendors products in it.


Shipping From 

The shipping from allows vendors to set a different shipping address for their products from their store address. This allows vendors to have their shipping calculated based on the location of their warehouse.

Shipping from store address


Other – such as a warehouse/factory 

Shipping fees

Shipping fees are set based on which shipping system has been configured for the vendor. Either the global default or a vendor specific override.

The following flat rate options are available for the vendor store. These are the same as product or global options. This rate is used when a product rate has not been set.

The following table rate options are available for a vendor store. These are the same as a product or global options. This rate is used when a product rate has not been set.

Table rate options for the vendor store


Important Notes

Vendors cannot select which shipping system they want to use, this must be set by the marketplace admin.

Shipping systems cannot be mixed at a vendor level. For instance, you cannot have table rate for product but flat rate for vendor.

Updated on December 5, 2019

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