WC Vendors Pro Setup Guide

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This setup guide already assumes you have WC Vendors (free) installed, configured, and working. It also assumes you know how to upload a plugin, because if you don’t, you probably wouldn’t be here reading this guide already and hopefully are already very familiar with WooCommerce and WC Vendors. 🙂

Note: WC Vendors Pro runs at the same time as WC Vendors (Free) runs. You run both plugins together. Do not deactivate WC Vendors Free, and always activate WC Vendors Free before activating WC Vendors Pro.

Step 1: Install WC Vendors Pro by uploading it on the plugins page.

Step 2: Once activated, enter your license key under wp-admin > Settings > WC Vendors Pro License. Your email receipt will contain your activation key, you will need this plus your email address to activate WC Vendors Pro.

Step 3: Save Permalinks You will need to save your permalinks after activation. Settings > Permalinks > save

All settings are in the same area you are used to, wp-admin > WooCommerce > WC Vendors. There are a few new tabs, such as Pro, Vendor Ratings, and Commissions.

Configuring your Commissions.

If you already have WC Vendors Free installed and configured, Pro will detect your commission type and automatically use that as its setting. Otherwise, go to WC Vendors > Commissions and choose your commission type. There are four options now, the most common being “Percentage”. Entering “80” here will give the VENDORS 80% of the total sale, and 20% to the admin. Percentage + fee gives the vendor the percentage and the admin the fee (example: 50% and 5 on a $100 product, the admin would get $55 and the vendor would get $45). The same logic goes for the other two settings, fixed price, and fixed price + fee.

Also on this page is the Coupon Action. If you allow Vendors to issue coupons, this determines who takes the hit for the coupon charge. If you choose “After”, that means the Vendor gets the total price including the coupons discount. If you choose Before, it means the vendor gets the total price ignoring the coupons discount, which means the admin takes the commission hit. Vendors can add coupon codes unique to only their products, just like you can already in the WooCommerce Coupon screen. And since it only works on their own vendor products, you get a wealth of new promotional possibilities!


Configuring Vendor Ratings.

On the Vendor Ratings tab, you should have a Feedback Form page set. If you don’t, the shortcode is displayed there. This is the page your customers will leave feedback on. There is an option to start all vendors at 5 stars instead of 0 stars if they have no feedback. Additionally, the order status selection chooses whether you want “Processing” orders or “Completed” orders to allow feedback to be left. Once a buyer goes to their /my-account/ page they will see a button to leave feedback for each order.


Configuring Pro settings.

The Pro Dashboard page should already be set and configured for you. Note: Your OLD Vendor Dashboard from WC Vendors Free still works. This is so you can test both plugins out at the same time and get everything configured properly. You probably will want to rename your Vendor Dashboard permalink to something else, and rename the Pro Dashboard permalink to your old Vendor Dashboard permalink. Whatever works best for you! The Vendor Store Slug setting is for the vendor stores. The default is vendor_stores which means yourdomain.com/vendor_stores/. You can change this to whatever you like. When anyone goes to yourdomain.com/vendor_stores/ they will see an automatically populated list of ALL vendor stores on your website.

If you now want to restrict vendors from accessing your /wp-admin/ since you no longer need them in the back-end, then you can check the WordPress Dashboard box to disable /wp-admin for Vendors.

Last, is the trash options. When a vendor deletes a product, do you want them to delete forever, or go to the trash? Choose one and Save Pro changes.

WC Vendors Pro Tab Sections









That’s it! Your site is now setup to use WC Vendors Pro. 🙂

Editing Vendor Stores

All of the data to manage your users vendor store is located on the User Edit screen (wp-admin > Users > Vendors > Edit the vendors account). The same information the vendor can add/edit on their Pro Dashboard is the same information shown to you here.

New Templates

WC Vendors Pro adds a whole pile of new templates. Using this format to copy template files, all the Pro templates are in /plugins/wc-vendors-pro/templates/ and they go in /themes/yourtheme/wc-vendors/directory/filename just like they would have with Free. Here is a list of the templates and what they actually do:

Of course, our core templates are updated from time to time, so if you update Pro / Free and are overriding templates, make sure you read the changelog for a list of templates (if any) that have changed for that release. You can always visit wp-admin > WooCommerce > System Status > scroll to the bottom to see the WC Vendors Pro templates that are out of date.

Here’s what each template actually does:
/dashboard/dashboard-notice.php – For vendor notices
/dashboard/dashboard.php – Main dashboard load file
/dashboard/nav.php – Navigation links
/dashboard/permission.php – Shown if user doesnt have permission to view the dashboard yet
/dashboard/product-edit.php – The add new product or edit existing product template
/dashboard/quick-links.php – Under the Pro Dashboard navigation, the quick buttons such as “Add Product” or “Add Coupon”.
/dashboard/shop_coupon-edit.php – Interface for adding/editing coupons
/dashboard/store-settings.php – Collects all the store details from vendors
/dashboard/order/order_details.php – Shows order details
/dashboard/order/order_note.php – Inteface for vendors adding notes to orders
/dashboard/order/order_note_form.php – Form code for order_note.php
/dashboard/order/shipping-label.php – For the packing slip / shipping label output
/dashboard/order/tracking_number.php – For vendors to add tracking numbers to orders
/dashboard/reports/overview.php – Displays the vendor store information including total sales, orders, products and commission
/dashboard/reports/reports.php – Vendor store graphs, recent products and recent orders

/front/pro-vendor-list.php – Handles output for [wcv_pro_vendorslist]
/front/vendor-pending-notice.php – Shown to pending vendors trying to access dashboard
/front/vendor-signup-form.php – All form data for when a new vendor is signing up using /dashboard/
/front/ratings/feedback-form.php – The forum for customers to leave vendors feedback/ratings
/front/ratings/ratings-display-panel.php – Displays product ratings on single product pages
/front/shipping/shipping-panel.php – Displays shipping details on single product pages

/store/store-header.php – Shows the store details when visiting /vendors/store-name/ and on single product pages if the option in Pro is enabled
/store/store-ratings.php – Shows vendors ratings/feedback on the vendors store
/store/store-vacation-message.php – If vacation mode is enabled and a vendor has a vacation notice entered, fires this template

As should be obvious, these templates provide you with the amazing style and function options to really customize your marketplace in ANY way you see fit! These are incredibly customizable, we’re quite excited to see what you do with them!

Be sure to read the WC Vendors Pro Vendor Guide for how Vendors will interact with your new Pro site.

Updated on January 29, 2017

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