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WC Vendors Pro Commission

Commissions Calculation Order

You can set commissions at the product, vendor or marketplace level. This provides great flexibility for setting and calculating commissions for your vendors.

Commission calculation is checked in the following order

  1. Product Commission
  2. Vendor Commission
  3. Marketplace Commission

If you set a commission rate at the product level this is used for the calculation, followed by any vendor based setting and then finally the global marketplace settings are used.

Commission Settings

Commission settings for admin to configure are located in wp admin > wc vendors > settings > commission (tab).

Upon initial activation and setup, WC Vendors Pro will detect your WC Vendors Marketplace commission setting and automatically import that setting, making that the default (percentage type + percentage amount).

With WC Vendors Pro, there are three additional options for commission available for your marketplace.

Commission fields only support WHOLE numbers. No decimals, currency signs or percentage symbols. For example, you can enter 55 for 55%. You cannot enter 55.8 for 55.8% — that is not supported.  Do not enter $5.00.  Instead, simply enter 5.

Commission Types

WC Vendors Pro provides one of the most flexible commission systems on the market today. This ensures you can create a commission model that works for your business model.  Each type is explained in more below:

  • Percentage (default): This is the site default commission rate for all vendors.  Using whole numbers only, enter the percent of each product sale you wish your vendors to receive.  For example: if you would like your vendors to receive 50% of each product sale, then you would enter 50 in the box.  The vendor will receive 50% commission, and the site admin will receive 50% commission for each product sold.
  • Percentage + fee:  gives the vendor the percentage minus the fee.  The admin receives the remaining commission plus the fee.   For example: 50% and 5 fee. Enter 50 in the percentage box, and 5 in the fee box.  When a $100 product is sold, the vendor would receive $45 (50% of $100 minus $5 fee) and the admin would receive $55.
  • Fixed: A fixed currency amount of commission that a vendor will receive for each product sale. Enter the number for the fixed commission amount. For Example, you would like your vendors to receive $5 of each product sale. Enter 5 in the field.  Vendors will receive $5 for each product sold; admin will receive the remaining amount from the product sale.
  • Fixed + Fee: A fixed currency amount of commission that a vendor will receive for each product sale, minus the fee. For example, you would like your vendors to receive $5 of each product sale, and for admin to receive a fixed $1.  Enter 5 in the fixed field and 1 in the fee field.  Vendors will receive $4 ($5 minus the $1 fee) for each product sold; admin will receive the $1 fee plus the remaining amount form the product sale.

Tiered based commissions (available in WC Vendors 1.6.0 and above).

  • Sales by Vendor: This tiered system will allow you to set different commission rates based on the total sales for a vendor. This allows you to create commission systems found in the larger marketplaces currently online.

  • Sales by product: This allows you to create a tiered commission system based on the total sales of a product. So that you can reward vendors based on the popularity of their specific products.

  • Product Price: Product Pricing tiers allow you to set different commission rates based on the price of a single product. This is not for total product prices in the cart, but per product.

Coupon Action

WC Vendors Pro includes a coupon module for vendors.  Vendors can create coupons that apply to their products only.  You have a setting for Coupon Action that will determine whether the vendor coupons are applied Before commission is calculated or After commission is calculated.

  • After – Coupon amount comes from the vendors side of the commission leaving the admins alone
  • Before – The marketplace and the vendor shares the discount.
Marketplace Coupons

Please note that in the current version we do not support admin only coupons. Which means any coupons created by the admins and set to before will still take a portion of the coupon amount from the vendors commission. It is currently not possible to apply a coupon only to a marketplace’s share of a commission split.

See coupon documentation.

Per Vendor Commission Settings

Admin is also given the option to adjust commission on a per-vendor basis, if needed.  If you wish for certain particular vendors to have a different commission rate than you have set as the global rate, then you can adjust the commission type and rate for a vendor.

Admin can do this by visiting wp admin > users > all users > vendor-user-name-here > edit.

Scroll to the option : Pro Commission

You will be given the option via a drop-down box to choose the commission type, and then the commission rate for this vendor.  This rate will now override the global commission rate you have set in wp admin > wc vendors > settings > commission  for this vendor only.



Updated on October 1, 2019

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