Refund Requests

Supported Versions

Refund requests are only supported in Stripe Commissions & Gateway version 2.x and above.

With the release of our latest update to the Stripe Commissions & Gateway plugin we have added support for refunds. This allows vendors to send a refund request to the marketplace admin for approval.

What can a vendor do with a refund request

  • Partially refund the order
  • Fully refund the order or a single product
  • Refund shipping & taxes (if application)
  • Only one refund request per order can be initiated
  • Refunds if approved are instantly processed through Stripe Connect

Vendor Request Refund

Step 1: Customer requests refund from the vendor. 

The customer can request a refund (partially or fully) from a vendor via the Vendor Contact widget or the WooCommerce Product Enquiry widget. Once the vendor has agreed to provide a refund the vendor creates the request.

Step 2: Vendor requests refund from the marketplace admin

Once the vendor has agreed to provide the refund they need to make the request to the marketplace admin. This is done directly from the vendors dashboard.

Navigate to Dashboard > Orders and hover over the order you’d like to refund and select ‘Refund’

This will bring up the refund request window and allow the vendor to refund the order in a number of ways.

  • They can reduce the quantity of the items and it will apply
  • A dollar value for the product
  • A dollar value for the shipping

The vendor can also choose to restock the items and provide a reason for the refund. It is a good idea for the vendor to add a reason so that the admins know what this is in relation to.

Once the vendor has created the refund request, they can submit the refund via Stripe connect. This will create a refund request on the marketplace admin’s screen ready for approval.

The vendor will then be redirected to their refund requests screen so that they can see the status of their refund requests.

Approving Refunds (Admins)

Once a vendor has created a refund request these will be available in the WordPress Admin for the marketplace admin under WC Vendors > Refund Requests.

From this screen the admin can easily Approve or reject the refund. If the admin approves the refund then the refund is processed immediately via Stripe Connect. If the refund is denied then the status is set to denied and this is shown on the vendors refund request screen.

Updated on July 9, 2019

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