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The following pages and shortcodes are required for WC Vendors Pro to run. These pages should have been created and set when you installed and activated WC Vendors Pro but if you need these shortcodes again for any reason they are as follows.

WC Vendors Pro Dashboard

The WC Vendors Pro dashboard is an entirely new page that introduces a complete front end interface for your vendors. This page needs to be set in addition to the WC Vendors vendor dashboard page. This is the shortcode for this page.


WC Vendors Pro Dashboard Navigation

Since version 1.3.3 of WC Vendors Pro there has been a new shortcode available that allows you to place the navigation bar from the dashboard on other pages. This is useful if you have added custom pages to the navigation and need to ensure that the user interface is the same throughout. To enable the navigation on another page use this shortcode.


Ratings Page

In WC Vendors Pro there is a vendor ratings system that allows for vendors to rate the products from vendors and give them a star rating and provide a comment. If you have this enabled then you will also need to have the related page and shortcode configured. This page should be a child page of the WooCommerce > My Account page. The shortcode for this page is:


If you would like to display the vendor ratings stars with a link to the vendor store ratings page. This takes one argument which is the vendor_id you would like to link to. The Vendor ID is also the user id.

[wcv_feedback vendor="VENDORID"]

Directory of Vendors

If you would like to show a page with all your vendors on it then you can use the following shortcode. This can also be customised with the the pro-vendors-list.php template found in the following location.

  • /templates/front/pro-vendors-list.php

This would be overridden by copying it to your themes folder in the appropriate position.

Available options include the following

  • orderby – the order you would like to display the vendors in. The complete list of orderby options is available on the Codex. The default is ‘registered’.
  • order – the order you would like the vendors to be displayed this can be ascending (ASC) or descending (DESC). Ascending (ASC) is the default.
  • per_page – how many vendors per page, this should be a number. The default is 12 vendors to be displayed.
  • has_products – yes will show vendors that have products published. If you set this to no then you will include vendors without any products published. The default is yes
[wcv_pro_vendorslist orderby="registered" order="ASC" per_page="12" has_products="yes" ]
Please Note

Vendors must have all their shop information set for them to show in the directory. If they do not have their shop name or other information set it they will be left out of the list.

Vendor Details

Please Note

This shortcode was introduced in WC Vendors Pro 1.7.5

If you would like to retrieve a particular vendor’s details we have you can use the following shortcode.

If you know the vendors user ID you can use the vendor_id to determine the vendor.

[wcv_vendor vendor_id="VENDORUSERID" vendor_detail="DETAIL" ]

If you know the vendors’ username you can use that to determine the vendor.

[wcv_vendor username="VENDORUSERNAME" vendor_detail="DETAIL']

If the shortcode is used on a vendor store page (single or store front) then the vendor is automatically detected.

The following vendor details are available to use

  • store_name – The vendor store name
  • paypal_address – The vendors Paypal email address
  • seller_info – The vendor seller info
  • store_description – The vendor store description
  • store_banner_id – The vendor store banner post id
  • store_banner_url – The vendor store banner URL
  • store_icon_id – The vendor store icon post id
  • store_icon_url – The vendor store icon URL
  • address1 – The vendor store address1
  • latitude – The vendors address latitude
  • longitude – The vendor address longitude
  • city – The vendor address city
  • state – The vendor address state
  • country – The vendor address country
  • postcode – The vendor address zip/postcode
  • company_url – The vendor address company URL
  • sold_by – The vendor sold by link
  • view_store – The link for the vendor to view their store
  • ratings_stars – The vendor ratings stars (no link)
  • ratings_link – The vendor ratings stars with link
  • social_icons – The vendor social media icons with links
Updated on April 23, 2020

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