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Import/Export Vendor Products

As a marketplace admin, onboarding vendors might including importing all their existing products from another platform. You can use the built in WooCommerce Product import tool to bulk import a vendors products.

To bulk assign products on import you will need the following

  • The vendor_id of the vendor. This is their user ID. You can find this when you edit the user and it is in the URL (see screenshot example, vendor_id is 2)
  • WooCommerce formatted products CSV. (If you export from your existing install, then the vendor id column will already be added

Add the products to the CSV like you would normall do for a WooCommerce Product import. However now you would add the vendor_id to the Vendor ID column.

This will be auto detected by the import and assign any product to the vendor id listed.

Updated on September 13, 2019

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