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Getting Started with WC Vendors Pro

The following guide will take you through the steps to configuring your marketplace using WC Vendors Pro v1.5+.

WC Vendors Pro runs simultaneously with WC Vendors Marketplace (Free). You run both plugins together. Do not deactivate WC Vendors, and always activate and configure WC Vendors Marketplace before activating WC Vendors Pro.  Please see our setup guide for WC Vendors here: Getting Started with WC Vendors 2.0

Requirements:  A self-hosted WordPress version 5.5+,  WooCommerce v3.0+ (installed and configured) and WC Vendors Marketplace v2.0 + (installed and configured) are required to use WC Vendors Pro.

WordPress 5.8:Starting with WordPress 5.8 the widgets system has been migrated to the new Blocks system. You will need to install Classic Widgets plugin until we are able to migrate all of our widgets to blocks.


WC Vendors Pro is an extension of our free plugin WC Vendors Marketplace. You will require the following plugins to be installed and configured prior to installing WC Vendors Pro.

  1. WordPress 5.0 and above
  2. WooCommerce 4.0 and above
  3. WC Vendors Marketplace 2.0 and above


WP Admin From Zip File

1. Following your purchase of WC Vendors Pro, download your WC Vendors Pro .zip file from your WC Vendors account: https://www.wcvendors.com/my-account/downloads/ .

2. In the WordPress admin panel navigate to Plugins > Add New.

3. Select “Upload Plugin”, locate your un-zipped WC Vendors .zip file, and click install now.

FTP Upload

1. Following your purchase of WC Vendors Pro, download your WC Vendors Pro .zip file from your WC Vendors account: https://www.wcvendors.com/my-account/downloads/ .

2. Using your FTP program upload the un-zipped plugin folder into the /wp-content/plugins/ folder of your WordPress installation.

Activate: Once the plugin has been installed, you need to activate it.  Go to Wp Admin > Plugins > Installed Plugins and activate the WC Vendors plugin.

Setup Wizard

When installing a new version of Pro, you will get a prompt to run the setup wizard. You will then have the opportunity to configure various pro settings to assist in configuring your marketplace.

Update Prompt: The first time you install v1.5 and with some subsequent updates, you will see a prompt to Update your WC Vendors Pro database. Click to Run the updater.

License Key: Once activated, you may enter your license key under Wp Admin > Settings > WC Vendors Pro License. Your email receipt or your WC Vendors Account https://www.wcvendors.com/my-account/downloads/ will contain your activation key.

If you are developing your site on a staging site or testing/development environment, you DO NOT need to activate the license yet. Only Activate the license on your live / production site.

WC Vendors Pro Settings

In the WordPress admin panel navigate to WC Vendors > Settings to configure the new settings available to you now with WC Vendors Pro.

You will see these tabs : General, Commission, Capabilities, Display , Payments, Forms and Vendor Ratings.  Each is described below.

Since WC Vendors is already installed and configured on your site, WC Vendors Pro will detect your WC Vendors settings and commission type and automatically import those settings.  There are quite a few new options available for your marketplace with WC Vendors Pro, however, that you will wish to configure.

General Tab

These are the general settings for your marketplace.

  • Vendor Registration: Choose to Allow (checked) or Disallow vendor registration.
  • Vendor Approval: Choose if you wish to approve vendor applications manually (checked) or automatically. If checked, applicants will be given the pending vendor role, and admin will need to approve the applicant before they will be given the vendor role and allowed to access the vendor dashboard or use vendor capabilities.
  • Taxes: Choose to allocate any taxes collected to the vendor, or to disallow and the taxes will be allocated to admin.
  • Shipping: Choose to have collected shipping funds allocated to the vendor (checked) or admin.
  • WordPress Dashboard (WC Vendors Pro only):  This option enables you to prevent the vendors form being able to access the Wp Admin area.  They will only be able to use the WC Vendors Pro front-end forms to administrate their store and orders.
  • Vendor Login Redirect (WC Vendors Pro only): Determine if you prefer that your vendors be redirected to their my-account page or to the WC Vendors Pro vendor dashboard upon login.

Commission Tab

Since WC Vendors is already installed and configured on your site, WC Vendors Pro will detect your WC Vendors commission percent and automatically import that setting, making that the default (percentage type + percentage amount).  There are three new options for commission with WC Vendors Pro- so take a look now and decide if another option would be more suitable for your marketplace.

Commission fields only support WHOLE numbers. No decimals, currency signs or percentage symbols. For example, you can enter 55 for 55%. You cannot enter 55.8 for 55.8% — that is not supported.  Do not enter $5.00.  Instead, simply enter 5.

Commission types available with WC Vendors Pro are percentage (default), percentage + fee, fixed, and fixed + fee.  Each type is explained in more detail below:

  • Percentage (default): This is the site default commission rate for all vendors.  Using whole numbers only, enter the percent of each product sale you wish your vendors to receive.  For example: if you would like your vendors to receive 50% of each product sale, then you would enter 50 in the box.  The vendor will receive 50% commission, and the site admin will receive 50% commission for each product sold.
  • Percentage + fee:  gives the vendor the percentage minus the fee.  The admin receives the remaining commission plus the fee.   For example: 50% and 5 fee. Enter 50 in the percentage box, and 5 in the fee box.  When a $100 product is sold, the vendor would receive $45 (50% of $100 minus $5 fee) and the admin would receive $55.
  • Fixed: A fixed currency amount of commission that a vendor will receive for each product sale. Enter the number for the fixed commission amount. For Example, you would like your vendors to receive $5 of each product sale. Enter 5 in the field.  Vendors will receive $5 for each product sold; admin will receive the remaining amount from the product sale.
  • Fixed + Fee: A fixed currency amount of commission that a vendor will receive for each product sale, minus the fee. For example, you would like your vendors to receive $5 of each product sale, and for admin to receive a fixed $1.  Enter 5 in the fixed field and 1 in the fee field.  Vendors will receive $4 ($5 minus the $1 fee) for each product sold; admin will receive the $1 fee plus the remaining amount form the product sale.

In addition, WC Vendors Pro now includes a coupon module for vendors.  Vendors can create coupons that apply to their products only.  You have a setting for Coupon Action that will determine whether the vendor coupons are applied Before commission is calculated or After commission is calculated.

Capabilities Tab

The Capabilities tab has four sections, accessed by the top links: General, Products, Orders and Trash.


This section allows you to select (enable / allow) or de-select  (disable / disallow) these particular permissions for your vendors.  Some of these permission have already been set with WC Vendors, but the Pro Features options are new with WC Vendors Pro.


Using this section, you can choose certain product types, product type options and product data tabs to HIDE from your vendors so that they cannot use those options.

Additionally, you can choose to select (allow) or de-select (disable / disallow) vendors the remaining options: SKU, Featured Product, Delete Product (WC Vendors Pro only), Tax fields, Duplicate Product, etc.


This section allows you to select (enable / allow) or de-select  (disable / disallow) this information from showing for your vendors when they view orders.  The Order Table section is new with WC Vendors Pro.


This section is unique to WC Vendors Pro. This allows you to choose if products or coupons that vendors delete are sent to the trash folder (for your review) or immediately deleted from the site.

Display Tab

The Display tab has six sections, accessed by the top links: General,Labels, Advanced, Pro Dashboard, Branding and Notices.


The general sections has the Pages and Store Settings options.

PAGES: The Dashboard, Orders and Shop Settings pages are required.  The Pro Dashboard is also required. MAKE SURE BOTH DASHBOARD PAGES ARE SET – both WC Vendors and WC Vendors Pro dashboards – on separate pages.  Now that you have WC Vendors Pro, your vendors will use the Pro Dashboard URL for their store management and listing products.

The Vendors (vendor’s list) and Terms and Conditions Pages are Optional.  The WC Vendors Pro Vendor Ratings page is required only if you are using the Vendor Ratings module.

If you follow the setup wizard, these should be automatically set.  If they are not, then create pages on your site (wp admin > pages) and add a page with the appropriate shown shortcode to create each of these pages for WC Vendors.  Then return and assign those pages on this settings tab.

STORE SETTINGS: The Store settings allow you to create a custom URL for your vendors’ store , enable/disable vendor shop headers and choose how you wish to have the vendors’ display name appear.  Also with WC Vendors Pro, the Store Header options allows you to choose to use the new Pro store banner/header or use the old WC Vendors store header for your vendors’ store pages.


This section provides you options to change the label for Vendor and Vendors (ex. Artist, Artists…Seller, Sellers), enable or disable the “sold by” labels and change the label to your preferred term, enable or disable the vendor Store Info tab (shown on product pages in a tab) and change that label to your preference as well.  Now with WC Vendors Pro, you have the additional options to choose the Verified Vendor label as well as the Vendor Ratings label which will show on the product page.


If you have created CSS or wish to adjust CSS you can add that here.

In addition, You can choose to disable Select2 (only needed in rare cases if your theme is having errors with the select2 used with WC Vendors Pro).

Single Product Tools is the option to allow or disable the links that are available on the product page when a vendor is viewing their own product.  If enabled, they will see links with the options to edit, duplicate or delete (if you’ve enabled those capabilities) the product they are viewing.

Pro Dashboard

These options control how the information on the Pro Dashboard pages are displayed for the vendors.


This provides you with the option of uploading a default store banner that will show in your vendors’ store header region if they do not upload and save their own store banner.


From this section you can enter text to display or be sent to the vendors.

  • Vendor Dashboard message: displayed across the top of the vendor dashboard at all times.  Useful for important notices for your vendors.
  • Vendor Signup Notice: Shown on the signup/application page when a user is applying to become a vendor on your marketplace.
  • Pending Vendor message: If you have chosen manual vendor approval, this is the message that will display to vendors after they have submitted the vendor application/signup form.
  • Approved Vendor message: This is the message that is sent to vendors when you have approved their application and they have been given the vendor role.

Payments Tab

This tab presently contains settings for the Depreciated (no longer available to new users) PayPal Adaptive Payments options. This service is no longer supported by PayPal, and so presently this is only used by our customers who previously enabled and applied for that payment solution and are still using that service.  in the future this tab may contain more information for commission due and/or be absorbed into settings another tab.

Forms Tab

From this tab, you will be able to control the content and preferences for the WC Vendors Pro front-end forms.  There are four sections: General, Product, Settings and Signup.


These settings apply to all forms.  Choose to allow or dis-allow HTML source in vendor fields.  The Vendor filename prefix will show for uploads such as images.


In this section you’ll find the Form Fields options and the Product Form options.  This is for the front-end product add/edit form the vendors use when adding or editing products.

Form Fields:  Chose to Hide (checked) or show various fields in the add/edit product form.  You can also choose to require (checked) some fields as well.

Product Form: These options control if and how some product form options are displayed, and also offers choices for product images.


In this section you can configure your preferences for the vendor settings form, which they access form their WC Vendors Pro dashboard page > settings.

You have the option to Hide (checked), show or require various tabs and fields.  If you hide a tab, then the tab and all fields within that tab will be hidden from the vendor.


Here you can configure which fields you Hide (checked), show or require for vendor applicants. This is the form that is used for the vendor signup / application.

This application / signup form is accessed when a person registers on your site from the my-account page and checks the box, “Apply to Become a Vendor?”,   or when a registered non-vendor (customer, for example)  visits the WC Vendors Pro dashboard URL.

Vendor Ratings Tab

If you opt to use the WC Vendors Pro Vendor Ratings Module (covered more extensively in the next section), then within this tab you can find some options for the Vendor Ratings System.

WC Vendors Pro Vendor Ratings

WC Vendors Pro contains a Vendor Ratings System that you can choose to use. This is a separate ratings system from the WooCommerce product ratings.  These ratings are for the vendor, and customers will have an option on their my-account/orders page to leave feedback for their product/transaction.

If you do not wish to use the WC Vendors Pro Vendor Ratings System, you can disable it by visiting WP Admin > WC Vendors > Settings > Capabilities > General  and check this option: Ratings ( Disable the ratings system completely. )

If you do wish to use the Vendor Ratings, then please make sure you set a page for the Vendor Ratings feedback form.  You can do this by creating a page on your site and adding the shortcode: [wcv_feedback_form].   Next visit WP Admin > WC Vendors > Settings > Display > General   and assign that page to the Vendor Ratings

You’ll notice that the WC Vendors WP Admin menu now has the Vendor Ratings section with WC Vendors Pro.

If you navigate here WP Admin > WC Vendors > Vendor Ratings, you can view the feedback / ratings that have been left by customers for your vendors.  As admin you have the option of editing or deleting ratings- which can be helpful in the case of abusive or inappropriate ratings being left for your vendors.

Updated on August 19, 2021

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