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Front end labels

There are various labels within the interface that can be changed via our settings pages. These labels allow you to change a range of references including

  • Vendors
  • Sold by
  • Store info
  • Become a vendor

The are configured on WC Vendors > Settings > Labels settings page.

Vendor terms

This allows you to change the reference for vendors throughout the entire system. Changing vendor/vendors to say artist/artists will change all references from vendors to artist.

Vendor Sold By

The vendor sold by labels are the labels used to display who sells the product on the site. By default the text is Sold By however you can change this.


Label Settings

This is reflected on the front end as the labels on the product-archive, single product page, cart, checkout and in emails.

Vendor Store Info

The vendor store info shows the store info on the single product pages as a tab. You can enable or disable this tab and change what the label for this tab is.

Become a Vendor

The become a vendor option allows you to enable the ability for an existing user to become a vendor from the my-account page.


Updated on June 26, 2019

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