Coupons Overview

WC Vendors Pro allows vendors to create coupons for their products. This also allows certain coupons to be created by the marketplace, however there are some limitations.

Cart Discounts

Please note that fixed cart discounts are not supported for either the vendor or marketplace coupons

Coupon support for vendor

  • ¬†Fixed Discount
  • Percentage Discount

Coupon support for marketplace products

  • Percentage discount
  • Fixed discount per product

How coupons work

Vendor Coupons

Vendor coupons are created and applied at the per product level. Vendor coupons cannot be applied to the cart as a whole.

Marketplace Coupons

Marketplace coupons that are created should only be defined as the ones supported above. Cart based discounts do not function correctly as commissions cannot be calculated at a cart level.

Commission Limitations

Cart discounts are not supported for either vendors or marketplace coupons. When marketplace coupons are created they can only be shared with the vendor or completely applied to the vendors commission. There is no way to apply a coupon to only the marketplace’s part of the commission at this stage. Please see our commission documentation for further information.¬†

Updated on September 22, 2019

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