Manual for vendors

Sign-up for a membership

Once the membership extension is configured, vendors can start signing up for a membership of the marketplace. All available membership plans are listed in Pro Dashboard > Settings > Membership.

Vendors can click on the “Sign Up” button of the plan they choose to register for a membership.

Active membership screens

After checkout completed, the current membership detail will be shown up the Membership tab like the following:

From here, vendors can:

If the marketplace admin turns on file and disk usage stats, vendors will see their current stats under the Pro Dashboard navbar. Once vendors reach their limits, they won’t be able to use the corresponding functions.

Sign-up for membership when applying to become a vendor

If admin enables “Show membership options during signup” feature, new vendors will see the list of membership plan on the Vendor Application form. Vendors can select a plan here. After submitting, they can complete the checkout for the membership. The start date of membership is counted when their applications are approved.

Updated on March 8, 2019

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