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Configuring PayPal Adaptive Payments

Configuring PayPal Adaptive Payments can be a little bit confusing. Here are some screenshots on the proper settings for your PayPalAP account.

Remember, you can only use the “paypalap” gateway included with WC Vendors for instant/scheduled commission payments.  Other PayPal Adaptive Payment gateways found on other sites are not coded for WC Vendors to use them. Luckily, ours is also free. 🙂

Take Note:

  • To apply for adaptive payments, admin can log in from www.paypal-apps.com
  • API selection: select parallel payments. 
  • Do NOT check  “Chained Payments”.  We do NOT support Chained Payments.
  • Acceptable User Policy field: http://your-website.com/terms-policies-etc (including the privacy and refund policy)
  • TEST URL/Test Name and Password is required to test the payment flow and complete a business review on the website
  • If you are asked who is the primary recipient of the payment, it is the vendor, not the admin (those fields likely will not show up and are no longer necessary if you have chosen parallel payments).

The Screenshots below should help guide you through the process:





The Application:




And .. SUBMIT!  😉

Updated on November 10, 2016

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